Fábio Luiz Nery de Miranda Engenheiro de Computação

I was currently working at Avelã Elo, a Brazilian startup that wants to enhance clinics relationships with their patients. By creating electronic channels of communication - SMS and Email - it tries to make these relationships closer, what can help in prevention of diseases, and minimize clinics losses due to missing schedules.

My main contributions to the project were:

  • Design an API that could be used by clinics that was already running another software to integrate with our unique patient relationship features.

  • Design standalone Java API clients to read data from customers local databases and sync their schedules with our API.


In the last years I have devoted special efforts with Ruby on Railsprojects. The framework facilities and the power of Ruby Language makes them great tools to work with joy and productivity. I have good knowledge of JavaScript/Coffeescriptand CSS/Sass. I use Twitter Bootstrap components to make software prototypes or in projects that have no dedicated frontend developer. I like to write well tested sofware, beingMiniTest::Spec my preferred test tool, followed by Test::Unit andRSpec.

I have been deployed applications on Heroku platform, using Worker dynos with Delayed Jobs when apllications needs some sort of background processing. PostgreSQL databases are backed up with PGBackups Heroku add-on. New Relic provides monitoring. Uploaded files are stored in AWS S3 and when image processing is needed, I use paperclip and imagemagick. I have deployment expertise with Capistrano / AWS EC2 either, even with multiple EC2 instances under an Elastic Load Balancer.

Through the years since I started to work with Web Applications, I still worked with:
- Java
- Basic JDBC/JSP/Servlet Java stack
- Apache Tomcat
- Struts
- Hibernate
- Spring Framework
- ActiveMQ
- Android development
- Django Framework
- Spree Commerce

What I'm looking for and I can offer

I'm looking for companies where I can exchange my knowledge and experiences into applications that provides value for people, such as software solutions that help in health care or education. Engineering / optimization softwares are either motivating, as they require problem-solving spirit and motivation.

I'm passionate about Web applications, specially Ruby on Rails ones, and I'm sure I can deliver great value, high quality and reliable software.